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ALIPAC - Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

ALIPAC Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, also known as ALIPAC is found on the web at

ALIPAC stands for Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee and is found on the web at

Founded on September 11, 2004, in honor of the victims of 9/11, the organization has quickly become one of the largest activist groups in America fighting against Amnesty, illegal immigration and for border security, as well as, immigration enforcement.

ALIPAC's simple platform is "Enforce our Existing Immigration Laws" with special focus on issues that enjoy over 80% support from Americans of all races and creeds. One, secure the border. Two, cut off all welfare benefits from illegal aliens. Three, crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens. Four, empower local police to enforce immigration law.

ALIPAC has gained national recognition as a leader in the fight to reverse illegal immigration. The ALIPAC website is the largest archive of information in existence on the topic of illegal immigration and now receives over 5 Million hits per month!

ALIPAC has played a central role in defeating Amnesty for illegal aliens and passing many state laws that crack down on illegal immigration.

ALIPAC has several executive officers which include William Gheen, Jim Palmer, Jane Patterson, Elizabeth Faye, and Daryl Jurbala. ALIPAC also has an unofficial board of advisers made up of lawmakers and organization leaders.

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC online activists have become legendary in this struggle. These activists represent and speak for the 80% of Americans who want more done to control or reverse illegal immigration. They are often called ALIPACers!

ALIPAC is by design and practice, open to the participation of Americans of all races, creeds, parties, and walks of life.

This has led to over 20% of ALIPAC's supporters being minorities and approximately 7% are Latino or Hispanic.

Despite this moderate and inclusive approach, ALIPAC has withstood several attacks from pro Amnesty leftist groups like the SPLC, ADL, and Media Matters, which have launched false information campaigns about ALIPAC.

ALIPAC continues the charge. Officers from the group appear on talk radio shows across America and on major news networks on a regular basis.

We hope that you will take a greater interest in ALIPAC and lend your support as a volunteer and contributor. Please remember to sign up for our e-mail alerts too at

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