Bank of America Boycott

Sponsored by the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition NIIBC
Only Illegal aliens need a Matricula Consular Card to bank in the U.S. Banks that accept the Matricula Consular Card are soliciting illegal alien customers and encouraging, inducing, aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

Please note - these lists contain some inaccurate information. They are works in progress. Please check the information for accuracy before moving your accounts. We intend to expand and update the lists often. There are many more banks to add to the list.

If you represent a bank and to assure the public you DO NOT Accept the Matricula Cards, Please use our Certification Process.

Consumers that have corrections or banks to add to our list should contact us.

Please double check to make sure our information is accurate before moving your accounts.

If you see that your bank accepts the Matricula Consular Card, we suggest you do the following:
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