Bank of America Boycott

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Consumers Speak Out

Read what Consumers and Bank of America customers are doing in response to this Boycott. Click here to send us your comments.

I have joined you in boycotting Bank of America. We had a HUGE credit line with them and I called them to cancel our card and told them why. PLEASE remain vigilante. As I call customer service centers from Credit cards, I have found out that SOOOO very many have been outsourced to India. I am canceling those cards as Well!

I spent 20 years in the MILITARY, to support freedom, in the US, but not for!. Have canceled my checking and saving account with bank of America.
Colorado Springs

I just received my new credit card from one of Bank of Americas competitors. I will now cancel my account that I have had with Bank of America for over twenty years. Traitors!

Since hearing of this boycott, I have sent e-mails to my family for their support in the boycott. Personally, I have 2 checking accounts with BOA, one with a line of credit. I also have 2 BOA credit cards. I am now in the process of closing the checking accounts. It is a daunting task because so many bills are automatically paid through these accounts. All those people have to be notified. Payroll is automatically deposited, also. All of this has to be changed, and it takes time, but I will not change my mind about doing all of this. Bank of America, whose name now I question, is hurting me, this country and all that we stand for.
New Paltz

I went to Bank of America and closed my checking account. They didn't seem the least bit concerned and did not ask why I was closing my account. I then went home and cut up my Bank of America debit card and put it in an envelope and sent it along with a letter to the Corporate Center in Charlotte North Carolina. I told them in the letter that the name of their Bank should be, "Bank of Anti-America", and their motto should not be, Bank of America, High Standards, it should be, "Bank of Anti-America, Lowest Standards"!

With a credit score of almost 800, I frequently receive credit offers from your bank. And I do sometimes borrow substantial amounts of money, but never from you. Your offers go directly into the trash at my house. I also don't drink Modelo, Tecate, Corona or any other Mexican beer or liquor and never eat at Mexican restaurants. It may take a while, but you illegal immigrant pushers are going to get the message that American citizens want it stopped - now.

I am refinancing my mortgage and moving to another bank. Adios, Bank of !

I had been with BOA for 20 years - started when they were NCNB. I'm about 80% finished with transferring my funds and all my accounts to a local credit union that is restricted and doesn't give credit to .

I haven't told BoA yet, but rest assured that when I go in to close my accounts, they will know why.

The charges on credit cards are based on a profit margin. What happens to that margin when someone using a matricula card decides he doesn't want to pay and takes the money/goods and vamooses back to Mexico??? I think the cost of credit will go up for all American citizens!!!
Elk City

I have closed my savings & checking accounts! went over to Roslyn saving.
West Islip

I can't use my library card at a bank in Mexico, what's wrong with you idiots? This is a travesty on your industry and this great country we live in. Many of my friends have already dumped your pathetic butts.

I canceled my credit card with them despite their reps. insistence BOA is such a wonderful company. I did this for two reasons.

1.) Because of their immigration policy. I want our US laws enforced, our borders secured, and companies that hire, aid, and abet illegal aliens sanctioned to fullest extent of the law.

2.) Because of their unfair predatory credit practices and unjust unwarranted interest hikes to some of their customers. I had no difficulties with respect to my account, but I told them I will not support a company with practices such as BOA now employees.

The word is clearly getting out about BOA. They are not feeling a pinch because they remain ignorant of the animosity in the US building against BOA. It is a shame to see such a once fine company as BOA going down their current patch. None are immune to the influence of public opinion, eventually.

I have banked with Bank of America for approximately 13 years. I not only bank with you, but I currently also have two mortgages with you. I am very disenchanted with your decision to give credit cards and loans to illegal aliens. As a result of Bank of America's decision, I plan to change banks and transfer my mortgages to another lending institution. Its amazing what people will do to make a buck. Bank of America is un-American and I hope you pay dearly for your decision.

I have canceled my Bank of America Visa credit card to show my anger at BofA for their money grubbing attempt to make illegal immigrants customers. Their business model is illegal, and I think that they are operating outside the laws of the United States when they are abetting criminal activity.

I had several automatic pays with BOA and I am in the process of transferring them to another bank. Once these are completed I will close out my account with BOA. I have already canceled my credit cards with BOA.

I have a charge card which I put all of my purchases on, (thousands each month) I haven't used my card since I heard about the boycott, I paid my final bill with them and don't intend to use this particular card again.

I recently sent an email to Ken Lewis letting him know I was not going to pay for those that BOFA gives credit cards to and then don't pay and can't be found. Further it is unfair to have lower standards for than US citizens. I then cancelled my BOFA credit card, cut it up and sent it to Ken Lewis along with a copy of my email.

I received a call from the office of the president of BOFA in Phoenix, AZ to explain their position. I thanked them for the call, told them I didn't care what spin they put on it, they are catering to and I wanted no part of it. They should change their name to Banco de Americo.


Didn't do anything grand or highly visible. Just closed my BOA savings account. I'll be closing my BOA checking account very soon. Also threw out the life insurance flier they sent me. I was going to call them, but tore it up when I heard about this irresponsible policy. They can keep that change! Thanks for all the great work you've done and for helping me find a responsible bank.

Sadly, I don't have any accounts with Bank of America. I wish I did so I could promptly cancel them. I did sign the petition and emailed all my friends.

My husband and I have closed our checking, savings and CD accounts with Bank of America and have transferred to Hudson City Savings Bank. They do not accept the Matricula Card.
Middle Island

I have already withdrawn most of my funds from BofA, and the rest will follow within the next month as I shift all of my accounts to a new bank. We're talking some pretty significant dollars here. It will take a lot of interest payments on illegal credit cards to make up for what I withdrew. Take that BofA!!!

We will NOT Bank with you OR any bank that gives credit to "ILLEGAL ALIENS" Plain and simple! What part of "ILLEGAL ALIENS" do you not understand?

I was so upset that ANY institution in the US would even consider the Matricula Card as, or in part, of ID. I called Countrywide Financial to thank them for NOT accepting this card and proceeded to call my bank. They DID accept this took several phone calls to different banks in my area and I am proud to say I will soon be an Irwin Bank customer. The representative I spoke with was very informative and helpful and told me that their bank had considered accepting the Matricula card, but in the end, felt it was easily falsified and chose NOT to accept it. I'm one consumer who is grateful there are companies who will not aide and abet illegal people/behavior and exploit rights and privileges allotted US citizens.

Comments I have no use for your bank! You are nothing more than a cheap whore that would sell your soul for a peso! Please leave my country and take the invaders with you!

We will do no business ever with this lending institution ever. Break our laws and pay the price of loosing good sound customers. We will spread the word on BA. Cut your cards up.
P. N.

I closed my one account with them (credit card). Going to close my second card with them once all transactions have been posted and final bill paid.

To Bank of America: How about supporting your own countrymen instead of .

I immediately closed my account. When asked why I let them know it was because I don't support the policy of supporting illegal immigrants. I received a knowing nod from the girl whom I dealt with.

I joined the boycott and sent petition information on to several on my mailing list to urge them to switch to another bank if they use Bank of America. I also sent information about banks in their states (FL,GA,SC)that cater to . I wrote to Bank of America at 2 addresses to cancel my Bank of America MasterCard that had originally been issued by MBNA Bank. I enclosed a piece of the credit card to let them know I was serious. I've not heard from them and guess they really don't care or don't want me to know they are concerned. I have never banked at Bank of America because they quit funding Boy Scouts in California years ago.
Fountain Inn

I sent a note to BofA, telling them that I would no longer use their services until they demanded proof of citizenship from credit applicants. They did not respond at all. My brother finally spoke to them by phone and they told him that they were not opening credit to illegal aliens, and that any such stories were untrue. The truth will come out.

I had 2 credit cards with MBNA for 10 years when they were being taken over by Bank of America. As soon as I heard about the illegal alien issue I called to cancel the cards at which time I was told that the bank was just helping the illegal aliens establish credit. I told her that what part of "illegal" did she not understand. I cancelled the cards and then cut them up and sent them to Bank of America. I still receive credit card invitations every day (a new one ia World Points and you don't know that it's connected to Bank of America. I called to have them take my name off their mailing list and she said it would take several weeks but everyday the offers come. I'm so thankful that you are giving us a VOICE to bring this issue out in the open.

Two weeks ago I called after two emails and cutting up my card and sending it back with the pay off to close my cc account balance was 9K. I also was going to refinance 150K and had the OK in writing from them and turned it down in writing. They said all banks do the same.
West Palm Beach

I had a credit card started with M.B.N.A, years ago. Bank of America?? Bought them out. As soon as the announcement came out about what they are doing, I decided then to close it out. I visited the local bank and told the lady there I wanted to pay off my Credit Card and close the account. She told me I had to call the toll free # to close acct. She asked why I wanted to do this, I first told her I did not need to get into that and she agreed, but said she thought she could help me out with something. So I told her why, which is I don't want to deal with any bank that is anti-American, and caters to illegal aliens, I felt it was infringing upon my rights as an American citizen. Later that day I called the # and told the person there I want my Credit Card closed out. He asks me why, and again I told him the same thing. His response was "we are not doing anything illegal, that the media was telling it all wrong" that you don't have to have social security # to open a credit card. I told him when I got my credit cards, I always had to provide my social security #. So now they change it so they can aide and abet illegal aliens. I also told him, if the media is reporting it so wrongly, why won't the big wigs at bank of America??? Respond and enlighten the """American""" public, no straight answer, I told him "I know you work there, and am sure they have brain washed all of you to say what "they" need you to say to anyone who closes an account for this reason.
Thank you

Please keep up the good work.
I have spread the word around to anyone I talk to.!!!!

We have a credit card from RCI issued through BofA. We have cancelled our card, cut it up, and have sent it to BofA with a letter explaining why it is being cancelled. We received a telemarketing call from BofA (unrelated to our credit card) offering us a BofA credit card with 0% interest if we transferred all of our other credit card balances to this BofA card. I told her I had just cancelled by BofA credit card and explained why. She told me that the media was "lying" about BofA" and they would "never dream of issuing anyone a credit card without a SS number." I asked her why the media would do such a thing and she hung up on me.
R.& S. K.

On March 12, 2007 I cancelled my credit card with Bank of America for offering services to people in this country illegally.

My husband and I pulled about $55,000.00 out of Bank of America; closed direct deposit accounts and are in the process of eliminating credit card charges with Bank of America.

We will cut up our cards and do no business with this company ever.. they our breaking our laws and we will spread the word on BA
C. N.

If I were to want to get a loan you would want all the legal information from me. Social security #, etc. Letting people that do not need social security #'s etc. and legal information is definitely reverse discrimination. I will never bank where I know this is going on. I do not approve.
Golden Valley

Cater to illegal aliens and pay the price of loosing American Citizens business forever!...... Stop doing all business with Bank of America!--SPREAD THE WORD!...
R. N.

I had credit cards with BoA, I no longer have them. I had no other accounts

I will transfer funds and close two accounts ending a five year relationship with BofA. Will the Bank of Amigo miss my $100,000 "plus"? They will if lots of other Americans come with me. And, by the way, Countrywide pays 100 basis points more interest on their money market products!

I couldn't move any accounts because I didn't have any but, I most certainly sent everyone in my address all the information I receive from you. I also sent the video and I absolutely have not kept my mouth shut when talking to others one on one!

I've been a long-time Bank of America customer. As a matter of fact, I LOVED Bank of America.
I am disgusted, dispirited and disenchanted at their decision to offer credit cards without requiring the same documentation we must provide. It's un-American.
In response to your initial e-mail, I paid off my credit card - then sent them an e-mail telling them why I will no longer use my Bank of America credit card. I also told them that inevitably I would transfer all my accounts to another bank if they didn't retract their decision.

Pembroke Pines

I'd love to be able to boycott BoA, however, the military uses this bank. In other words, when we go TDY or have expense accounts, we have to use the issued Visa card, which is BoA. So for us military members, we are stuck.

I have called and emailed BofA numerous times trying to help jam their phones and computers and always received the same lie.

If I were to want to get a loan you would want all the legal information from me. Social security #, etc. Letting people that do not need social security #'s etc. and legal information is definitely reverse discrimination. I will never bank where I know this is going on. I do not approve.
Golden Valley

Although the account that we had with Bank Of America was small, we cancelled it anyway after calling them and telling them why. They of course denied that there was any reason to cancel the card as they were doing nothing wrong. The account that we had with Bank of America was for LL Bean so we called them as well to tell them that we were very sorry but we would not be patronizing them any longer although we loved their products.
We asked them to take us off of their mailing lists (we had been on it for over 15 years). They said that they were very distressed and this was Bank of America's policy not theirs, they wished that we would reconsider. We told them that as long as they were using Bank of America, we would not be doing business with them. We didn't think much of what they said at the time, but within two hours, a senior person from LL Bean called us back and said that they were indeed quite upset to have lost our business and that they definitely had gotten our message. They were an American country founded on American principles. He went on to state that they had another year on their contract with Bank of America but would be looking into what they could do to remedy the situation at that time. Hopefully, they will follow through on their statements.
New Port Richey

I have been a customer of Bank of America and its predecessors for over eight years. I have chosen to close all accounts (checking and 2 savings) and move them to a different banking institution. When I called to cancel the representative said he "had not heard of the credit card situation".

I have been a customer of Bank of America and its predecessors for over eight years. I have chosen to close all accounts (checking and 2 savings) and move them to a different banking institution. When I called to cancel the representative said he "had not heard of the credit card situation".

I contacted BOA several times and got the same canned response that they were not marketing to illegal aliens. I opened a new checking and C.D. account with a bank that is not encouraging illegal immigration. I am currently waiting for checks to clear so i can close my last account with BAC. My new bank is a local bank and understands the problems with illegal immigration and went on to say that they are required by law to do a complete identity verification on all applicants.

I called up BOA three weeks ago and cancelled my two BOA credit cards, and I made a point of telling them WHY I was doing it.
I had been with BOA since 1994, and I was using my BOA cards for pretty much everything, to the tune of $1200/month or more. When I cancelled my cards I told them I would come back only if they DID THE RIGHT THING and quit issuing credit cards to illegal aliens.

I paid off and canceled 3 cards, the same day this month, when they asked why? I said, tey didn't know? Its obviously because of their poor banking practices, I think they knew then, they didn't say another word....

I couldn't do much because my bank, San Diego National is privately held. But I DID HAVE 5 shares of B of A ... which I instructed my broker to sell. Done.
Boulder Knolls

I cancelled my Bank of America Visa Card. When I cancelled, I called B of A and informed them why I was cancelling my account. They tried to talk me out of cancelling but they were not successful.

I have cancelled my Bank of America checking account.

I keep getting charge cards from Bank of America. I shred the info and put a note in the postage paid envelope about the danger they are bringing to our country and I won't do any business with them, until they stop.

Spring Valley

I don't have any accounts with Bank of America, but I did pass on the petition to many of my friends and family. This blow to the struggle to keep American jobs for American workers must be answered by America. Illegal aliens need to be sent home, not encouraged to stay.

I had a Bank of America MasterCard for 20 years, but cancelled it because of this issue. The Bank of America's actions are encouraging people to break the law.
People from around the world are welcome to come to the this country to live, and that is one of our great strengths. But people must understand that Americans have a strong sense of justice, and we insist that people who come here respect and obey our laws. The Bank of America's actions are encouraging people to break U.S. immigration laws.

Closed all my accounts: Checking, Savings, Safe Deposit Box, & Debit Card. Stopped all direct deposits to these accounts.

I called them to question them on why they were doing this , helping the they were rude and said no that that was not true. I am in the process of going to another credit card holder and have already transferred some of the accounts to my new card.

My parents immigrated to the U.S after WWII legally. They were one couple out of millions who came from Europe. No government agency spoke German, Lithuanian, Italian, Irish, etc. Their were no radio or TV shows in any other language. Yet they were here by the millions.!
I want to know why our government is siding with our greedy corporations. Is it because they don't live in this country except maybe 2 months a year and thus could care less. !
We must say NO!
Little Elm

I called them to question them on why they were doing this , helping the they were rude and said no that that was not true. I am in the process of going to another credit card holder and have already transferred some of the accounts to my new card.

I cancelled my BoA Platinum VISA card. I KNOW they were inundated with calls canceling accounts because when I phoned to cancel my card, their menu had a "press 3 to cancel your card".
Falls Chruch

This is disgusting. You do this and I cancel all my business with this bank. Period!

Canceled AAA Visa Platinum card operated by Bank of America. As an American vet, I refuse to stand by and put up with this crap!

Here is what I said to Bank of America.
Liam E. McGee. President GC&SBB

Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America Corporate Center
100 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28255

Dear Mr. McGee,

I am disappointed and outraged that Bank of America now plans to issue credit cards to illegal aliens (?Wall Street Journal?, Tuesday, February 13). I put up with your creation of ?safe send? accounts for illegal aliens last year and I tolerated your sponsorship of La Raza, but this time you have gone too far. It is hypocritical and profoundly un-American for you to pick and choose the laws you respect.

Bank robbers, embezzlers and illegal aliens have two things in common: they all are seeking a better life and they are all willing to break the law to do it. Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Our schools are overwhelmed by ESL students; hospital emergency rooms are closing due to unpaid bills and diseases that were extinct in this country are making a comeback, all thanks to illegal aliens. Most illegal aliens, in addition to immigration violations also commit social security fraud, document forgery and motor vehicle fraud; that includes those illegal aliens who aren't involved in drug running or gang activity also! Not long ago an American citizen could use an unskilled job as a first step toward a better life, but illegal aliens depress wages in every industry they are present in. Your business relies on middle class people to open savings accounts and get mortgages with your bank but the middle class is disappearing and illegal immigration is largely the reason. Illegal aliens come here because of incentives those businesses like yours provide and this credit card program is a prime example.

Your actions are at least in violation of the spirit, if not the letter of 1907 Title 8 United States Code, 1324(a) which states, in part, that it is a federal crime to ?encourage or induce unauthorized aliens to enter the United States.? Surely you must realize that credit to illegal aliens also abets drug smuggling and money laundering.

Did your colleague Brian Tuite actually say? These people are coming here for quality of life and they deserve somebody to give them a chance??? That statement would apply well to legal immigrants who have completed the immigration process and obeyed the law, but he's not talking about legal immigrants; he's talking about illegal aliens who have undergone no processing, paid no fees and do not have the permission of the American citizenry to be here!

I have been a customer in your bank, or one of its ancestors, for nearly forty years. I'm not your biggest customer, but I'm not your smallest either. You are welcome to look up my accounts if you want to see how much money I have on deposit. I can't stop you from encouraging illegal immigration, but I don't have to allow you to use my money to finance the operation. I am allowing you five weeks to change your policy and stop lending money to illegal aliens. If you do not change your policy by March 30, 2007, I will begin the process of withdrawing all of my money from your bank.

It has long been considered an easy, no risk strategy to pander to illegal aliens because conventional wisdom says that illegal aliens and their Hispanic supporters are the only ones who care about such matters. This letter is evidence that conventional wisdom is wrong. There is a price to be paid for disrespecting the American citizen and taking advantage of the American taxpayer. As a legal immigrant to this country, you of all people should be ashamed for encouraging foreigners to violate US law.

I also intend to close my son's account in your bank. I am teaching him to have respect for the law; that's a lesson you father apparently neglected to impress upon you.

We're in process of closing out our checking account with BOA. We only maintained one checking account. As soon as the direct deposits are confirmed as transferred to our new bank, the remaining funds will withdrawn. Our average balance was about 10K. We're retired and my husband is now handicapped, so it's not much but we surely won't support BOA because of their accepting the Matricula Consular Card.
Falls Church

We had been Bank of America customers for YEARS...many years. We had three checking accounts (mine, yours and ours), a savings account, a Money Market account and a credit card. We closed all accounts and cancelled and cut up the credit card. We wrote a letter explaining WHY we were canceling in graphic detail. I also called the bank customer service to MAKE SURE they closed all accounts, as I got NO response to FOUR letters and they were all still listed as open on line (I closed accounts in stages in order to allow time to get our automatic deposits transferred to another bank and bills scheduled for payment to clear). When I called, they of course told me that they were NOT doing business with . I told them I did not believe them. They did not like being called liars, but, if the shoe fits .... gotta put it on!!

Anyway, we are TOTALLY clear of Bank of America now (except they just sent me a NEW DEBIT CARD for my closed checking account!!) and happily are in the capable hands of USAA (what can be safer than a bank that services our brave military!!).

Thank you for keeping this out in the open and inspiring us to do what needs to be done. PUNISH THOSE WHO ARE NOT BEING GOOD AMERICANS!!

I served for 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Army. The majority of that time my wife and I were BOA customers. We are now changing our banking. One point that seems to be missed is that BOA has a presence on almost every military installation. How do we get the agreement between them and DoD cancelled? I wrote my representative, but so far no response.

The NEA (National Education Association) was offering some attractive rates for investment with BOA. After reading your informative articles about the Illegal Immigration situation, I refused to invest any funds with BOA and wrote the NEA and BOA of my actions. With no monies to advance for credit to the , perhaps they will see the error in their ways. I also believe the NEA should reconsider whom they endorse or advertise.

I have been a long time Bank of America user, but have at least reduced my patronage of their bank. I am offended by their anti-American attitude and greed is #1 business practices. I closed my safety deposit box, and removed all but a small amount in my checking account. When I find a bank that is more responsible I will be moving that as well. It is a hard choice to make because I enjoy the people that work at the bank, but it must be done! Thanks for your hard work and never give up.

Although I had the highest credit limit with my BA card than any other card I have, I cancelled my account and sent the pieces of my credit card back to BA with a note indicating the reason I closed my account. The woman I spoke with on the phone seemed unconcerned about my reasons for canceling my card.
San Diego

I appreciate all the information that has appeared concerning the Matricula Mexicana card being accepted as valid ID, and as a result, I have cancelled my accts at Wells Fargo Bank and have since opened one at Home Street Bank, a US friendly bank....If it weren't for your organization and Lou Dobbs and others like you, citizens who would like to protect our country and way of life would be totally in the dark as to what we can do....and it seems the only vote we have left is with our pocket books because all of our congress persons have sold out to the lobbyists who want to take what little money the average citizen has left and let corporations profit even more with it...Greed and profits have taken precedence over conscience it seems.

I had a Visa card with Bank of America. It was below prime rate, but I gladly closed it out. I don't have any more items with this bank.

Here in California they have been directing their ads toward illegal aliens. I've been noticing this the last month.

I have been with BOA for over 11 years. They have been part of my home, cars, savings and retirement. When asked why BOA is breaking the laws by aiding illegal aliens I was told to close my account if I had a problem with it.

I sent a letter instructing B of A to cancel my Bank of America Visa card, which I have had since 1991.

Kindly be advised that I CLOSED my Bank of America savings account last month in protest of BOA's granting of credit cards to ILLEGAL aliens.
Las Vegas

I don't and never have had a Bank of America account, although they have recently sent me a "pre-approved offer". I put all the material in the, return envelope, (pre-paid postage) and returned it to them with a note stating "I don't do business with banks that accept the Matricula card." Furthermore, I've also closed my account with Wells Fargo Bank, as they too, are in support of illegal immigrants and accept the Matricula card. I've recently found out that Citibank is doing it too, and I'm in the process of closing that account, as well. Thank you
St. Paul

In support of the boycott against Bank of America, I canceled my Alaska Airlines Mileage Credit Card issued by Bank of America. Member of NumbersUSA against illegal aliens living in the United States and receiving any and all assistance.

I am in the process of closing my B of A accounts and moving all of my money to a local credit union. I notified a teller at the local B of A of my intent to close all accounts and she replied "Do you want to speak with a manager?". My question is, what is a manager going to do? Stop their employer from doing business with ? No, these employees have bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc. Just the same as you and I. I am disgusted with B of A because they do not address the issue of the demise of America as we KNEW it....

I called BofA's customer service to express my concern about their offering to service the illegal alien community. I had to wade through the menu to reach a live person. The receptionist was polite and seemed a little stunned. She didn't really know how to respond as if this was the first she had heard of this. I told her I would be passing the word on BofA's objectionable business practices to everyone I knew and thanked her for her time.
San Diego

I recently cancelled 2 BOA Credit Cards and my husband recently closed his Business Account with BOA. The Business Account ran over $700,000.00 through it last year. BOA has been calling often lately even though we no longer do any business with them. I noticed in the local paper that BOA has "quietly laid off 20% of its work force in Wilmington, DE." I guess things aren't going that well for them as they claim..

I think I was among some of the first to cancel my credit cards. I had three carrying several thousand dollars at 0% interest, two of them were originally MBNA cards that I'd had for MANY years that were taken over by B of A. When I called B of A to cancel these cards the person who answered said "Oh, is this in regard to the media lies that have been circulating?" I said no, it was because of their contributing to illegal aliens' causes, support of anti family organizations, and attempts to destroy America. I was promised that if I'd change my mind at any time they would welcome me back. This was followed by numerous phone calls and letters from them trying to get me to return my business. In one response I suggested they ought to change their name to Bank of Anywhere Else But America. I think they've finally given up. I'm still outraged at their utter audacity to flaunt their wholly unpatriotic and destructive business practices in spite of so much public sentiment. Isn't this tantamount to having them thumb their noses at us?
San Diego

The banks are sending me the free mail envelope in which I can send them my views free of charge. It is just wonderful how cooperative they are. I know longer tear them up and throw them in the trash. I can give them hell free of charge. Plus, I've been trying for years to stop junk mail and this just might do it. So please every time you get junk mail from a bank send it back in their free envelop and tell them you don't deal with TRAITORS!

I wanted to let you know that I recently had to open a new Checking account. There are three banks in the area and the closest was Bank of America, I chose a different bank to deposit my 68K dollar check, I have done business with BofA in the past but never again. I am making sure my friends know the sleazy manner in which they are conducting business. Helping people who violate our Laws to me is illegal in itself. I currently have an RV loan through them that I am working to refinance Thank you for your work, It is amazing to watch a company fragment their very foundation with such blind arrogance.
G. B.
Las Vegas

I have been a BOA customer since CBT became Fleet then became BOM (Mexico). I am appalled that Bank Of Mexico (America) is shamefully supporting , aiding and abetting illegal aliens. I had three accounts at BOA that I have closed or am in the process of closing as soon as I can get all of my electronic transactions switched to Webster Bank. My mother passed away recently and my sister and I are going to be using the mortgage free house to secure a $150,000 loan. I would have approached BOA for a secured loan, I won’t now. BOA just lost out on loaning money to a sound borrower. Webster will gladly be the recipient of our business, now and for years to come.